Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wrangler Inspired? I Think NOT!!!

I was browsing around an online shop and a certain brand really shocked me! I just arrived in the office still feeling sleepy, drinking a cup of coffee as I browse around this online shop for my internet report and behold…. A CARBON COPY OF WRANGLER JEANS! Wide eyed and awake I copied the site URL and sent it to my colleagues. We were surprised and laughing about it and they’re selling it for US$58.00 / PHP2490.81!

As a denim designer we do research for inspirations and not copy the exact design, as a colleague said, “What's the use of you being a designer when you just copy it?!”
This is the original design

While this is copied design

 You can see that even the back pocket logo and leather patch are also copied. They just changed their font and brand name.

I hope future designers don’t do this mistake. 

We DESIGN... We don't IMITATE!!!



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