Sunday, October 24, 2010

NiCaVia introduces Denim Designer

After working in the call center industry for almost 3 years, I finally got tired and started to find a normal job. As 2010 arrived, I’ve sent out 33 job applications on the internet, after a week I got a text message saying I got a job interview and exam at one apparel company.

One of my longest work as a graphic artist was also from the same industry and since I had some experience designing jeans, they endorsed me to their sister company that were a supplier for a number of local brands. I was scheduled for a second interview and exam the following week. To my surprise there wasn’t any exam but just an interview and my job offer! I never imagined that I’d get the job, didn’t even think I’d still have some ideas on designing. I started working Feb 1, 2010 and I’m learning a lot. Aside from designing, there’s also doing research on fashion forecast and what’s other denim brands have designed that I can use for inspiration.

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